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        Yong Motor ManufacturingElectric machinery

        Yong Motor ManufacturingFan series

        Yong Motor ManufacturingMotor accessories

        Hengshui Yong Motor Manufacturing Co. LTD

          Hengshui Yong Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a privately owned enterprise, founded in 1993. Enterprise is located in Hengshui City Fucheng County Xiakou high-tech development Zone, convenient transportation. After more than 20 years of development, Hengshui Yongmotor Factory has become a set of motor and motor fan production, maintenance, sales and other mature enterprises.

         Always adhere to the "management talent based, market integrity based, product quality based, scientific and technological development based, considerate service users based, win-win cooperation based!"


        Copyright:Hengshui Yong Motor Manufacturing Co. LTD

        Contact:Manager Jin Mobile phone:15832812831(wechat)

        Telephone:0318-2680096 Q Q:3228552062 E-mail:jinliuyang@hsyongdongdj.com

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