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        • Factors affecting the insulation performance of variable frequency motor

          When selecting the type of variable frequency motor, the factors of motor insulation performance will be considered. The insulation structure of the motor is composed of several insulating materials in a certain way and processed according to a certain insulation process. The interaction between sev......【More】

        • G series YVP/YVF variable frequency variable speed three-phase asynchronous motor

          G series YVP/YVF variable-frequency variable-speed three-phase asynchronous motor is a special asynchronous motor applicable to the operation of variable-frequency variable-speed system powered by frequency converter. It can realize stepless speed regulation of cage-type three-phase asynchronous mot......【More】

        • What is the purpose and application of the motor?

          The motor is easy to use, reliable in operation, low in price and firm in structure, but its power factor is low and its speed regulation is difficult. Synchronous motors are commonly used for power machines with large capacity and low speed (see synchronous motors). The synchronous motor not only h......【More】

        • How are motor products classified?

          1. Classification by working power supplyAccording to the different working power supply of the motor, it can be divided into DC motor and AC motor. The AC motor is also divided into single-phase motor and three-phase motor.2. Classification according to structure and working principleAccording to t......【More】

        • What is the structure of three-phase asynchronous motor?

          The structure of three-phase asynchronous motor is composed of stator, rotor and other accessories.(1) Stator (stationary part)1. Stator coreFunction: It is a part of the magnetic circuit of the motor, on which the stator winding is placed.Structure: The stator core is generally made of 0.35-0.5mm......【More】

        • How does the motor work?

          Motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It uses the energized coil (i.e. the stator winding) to generate the rotating magnetic field and act on the rotor (such as the squirrel-cage closed aluminum frame) to form the magneto-electrodynamic rotating torque. Motors are......【More】

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